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Tax Services We Offer

Personal Tax Preparation Services

The offices at iQTAXX are open year round to provide you with assistance in any matter. Our staff will assist you with all correspondence related to your tax return including simple inquiries and full-scale audits.

Bookkeeping Services

As your outsourced bookkeeping and accounting professionals, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. We understand that every company and individual is different, and we pride ourselves in offering customized outsourced bookkeeping services to fit your business and your budget.

Payroll Tax Services

At IQTAXX, we handle your payroll taxes so that your Las Vegas business can focus on the task of expanding. All of our payroll tax solutions are backed up with our personal guarantee.

Incorporation Services

When a small business owner decides they want to incorporate, they often struggle to decide what type of incorporation to choose. While it can all be pretty overwhelming in the beginning, we hope to lay out the advantages and disadvantages of starting an LLC or a corporation...

Business Tax Preparation Services

Companies preparing business taxes in Las Vegas are plenty. It is an important to choose the right company for your business taxes, and any company needs to make this decision responsibly.

Tax Extension Services

If you cannot file your Federal individual income tax return by the April 15 deadline, you can apply for an automatic 6-month extension of time to file. With IQTAXX you are only a few steps away from getting a 6-month IRS tax extension.