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Back Taxes and Delinquent Taxes

Each year, people fail to file their tax returns. Some of these individuals don’t do it because they procrastinate so long that they miss the deadline and simply decide not to bother.

IRS Audits and Statutes of Limitations

If you are like most people, the mere thought of an IRS audit sends shivers up-and-down your spine. However, the truth of the matter is that the IRS does not conduct a large percentage of audits on a regular basis.

Income Tax Evasion

What is income tax evasion? This phrase describes the purposeful action of defrauding the government (underpayment) or not paying the appropriate amount of tax (nonpayment)..

Gift Tax

The laws on gift taxes are complicated due to the fact that technically, any gift is taxable. However, certain exemptions exist to this rule along with specific limits that have been set in place by the government.

IRS Mileage Rate

Keep track of your deductible mileage on your vehicle and you could see big savings on your tax return. Remember that you MUST keep accurate records in order for the deductions to be allowed.

IRS Email Scam

The incidence of "phishing" has grown each year to include new schemes, many of which appear to be legitimate. Phishing is the term used to refer to scams in which individuals attempt to trick someone into revealing information that can then be utilized to "steal" the victim’s identity.