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Why is Incorporate in NV?

  1. No state income tax
  2. Federal laws
  3. Offers business owners benefits, for example no corporate income tax or no taxes on corporate shares and no annual franchise tax.

Nevada VS Delaware

Incorporation in Delaware is $89 but state has franchise tax which is higher than many states. Incorporation in Nevada is $400 which offers a list of officers, business licenses & Nevada has no franchise fee.

How much do you charge?

We charge $250 for incorporating in Nevada, which includes for applying a federal employer identification number with the IRS (FEIN or Tax Id).

How long does it take to open a corporation on an LLC?

It generally takes about 30mins.

Why is incorporate with us and not an attorney?

It has been our experience that when clients incorporate with attorneys today rarely get a tax advice and in most cases we need to make changes to the corporate structure. Most attorneys do not ever meet with the incorporating clients again whereas the tax professional is in constant contact with you incorporating client. It is much more beneficial to start a legal entity with a tax professional then seek legal help if needed.