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State Corporate Tax does not exist in Nevada

New corporations in Nevada are require to pay a fee when they file their articles of incorporation. They must also pay a fee if they choose to have a name reserved for their corporation. A state corporate tax does not exist in Nevada. Although all Nevada corporations must pay federal income taxes, new and old.

What Are Some of the Additional Advantages of Choosing to Incorporate Your Business Entity in Nevada?

Some of the fastest growing companies have recently chosen to incorporate in Nevada, and some of the most successful ones have already done so. Becoming part of that select group gives you access to some of the following advantages:

  • Minimal annual requirements: The only two requirements are to file an annual list/state business license and to keep a Nevada registered agent active in your corporation.
  • Nevada laws: The state of Nevada offers strong business laws that protect business corporations against lawsuits. These laws designed to protect not only he corporation owners but also the shareholders as effectively as possible.
  • The Nevada business court is designed to minimalize the expense, time, and risk of commercial litigations. The process focuses on early management of the case in order to prioritize hearings so that business continues as usual.
  • Anonymity: Nevada laws make it more difficult for someone to discover the identity of the owners of a company.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Since it isn’t necessary to be a resident of the state of Nevada when you incorporate a company, it simplifies the process if you discover that you are moving to another state. The company can remain incorporated in the state of Nevada, allowing you to retain your registered agent, tax ID number, company credit, and so on.
  • Liability protection: The state of Nevada provides the ideal environment for companies with fast-paced growth as well as those participating in an enterprise with inherent risk, such as pyrotechnics.
  • All corporations in Nevada have the ability to purchase, hold, transfer, or sell shares of its own stock.
  • Corporations in Nevada can issue stock, including options and leases, for services, real estate, capital, and personal property.
  • Directors of Nevada corporations have the ability to identify the value of any transaction involving the issuance of stock.
  • Directors, registered agents, officers, and employees are statutorily indemnified.
  • Non-operational use: Incorporating a business in the state of Nevada provides the ideal scenario of having an entity and bank account for the purposes of:
  • Accepting payments as a contractor
  • Receiving investment monies