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IQTAXX Privacy Policy

Committed to safeguarding the personal information of our clients, IQTAXX has put in place a number of protective measures. We respect the privacy of your information and do everything we can to secure and protect your data.


Types of Non-Public Personal Information on File

In the event that you submit your information using our website, each of the following types of information is collected: cookies, log files, and transparent gifs. Cookies refer to the text file on your computer that identifies you as a returning customer. Log files include information about your browser, internet service provider, and internet protocol address. The transparent gifs are images that identify the path you took to arrive at a specific web page on our site. IQTAXX also collects any of the following information if you provide it to sign up for an electronic newsletter, indicate an interest in one of our online courses, or request additional information.


Privacy Policy: Security Measures for  Non-Public Personal Information

Complying with applicable regulatory and legal standards, our offices strive to maintain proper security measures at all times. Our privacy policy restricts access to your non-public personal information to those employees who have a legitimate business reason to access it. Toward that end, our offices uphold all electronic, physical, and procedural measures needed to secure your data. Our offices never provide information gained through the use of log files, transparent gifs, or cookies to any affiliated or non-affiliated third parties.


Circumstances Necessitating the Disclosure of  Your Non-Public Personal Information

Certain situations arise that necessitate the disclosure of some or all of the non-public personal information that you have provided. Each of the following circumstances fall into this category:

  • You have authorized a transaction that involves the need to share your personal information with affiliated and/or non-affiliated third parties.
  • If you submitted a request to take a tax course, your information is given to the proper employees.
  • If you sign up to receive our electronic newsletter, your email address is used to transmit it directly to your inbox.
  • If you submitted a request to receive additional information regarding tax services or some other area, we utilize your email address or phone number to contact you.

Our Privacy Policy Commitment

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we pledge to safeguard the security of your personal non-public information at all times, following all applicable regulatory and legal standards.