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First Time Filling

Filing an IRS Return for the First Time?If you’re just out of school or college and have begun working for the first time, it’s time to think about preparing for your first IRS tax return. While the process may look intimidating at first, it’s easy when you break it down and take it step-by-step.Get your

End-of-Year Tax Suggestions

End-of-Year Tax Suggestions to Save MoneyMost people would dislike having to think about their taxes during the holidays — their favorite part of the year. Yet, if you put it off until January or February, you’ll end up missing out on a chance to make significant savings.If you want to see a lower tax bill

Getting a Nevada Business License

Nevada Business License Application StepsChoosing a Nevada Corporate NameIn the state of Nevada, specific guidelines are in place regarding the choice of a corporate name. They include: Corporate names that include the name or initials of a natural person must include one of the following endings: LLC, Ltd., Limited, Incorporated, Inc., Co., Company, Corp., Corporation,