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What can you expect with iQTAXX income tax preparation services

Las Vegas Tax Services

Free Initial Consultation – iQTAXX provides a free initial consultation to answer any tax-related questions that you might have.

Year-round Assistance – The offices at iQTAXX are open year round to provide you with assistance in any matter. Our staff will assist you with all correspondence related to your tax return including simple inquiries and full-scale audits.

Customer Satisfaction – Our office guarantees complete customer satisfaction with each and every prepared income tax return. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, your preparation costs are returned to you in full.

Guarantee of Accuracy – In an effort to provide the largest refund possible for your tax return, our certified preparers strive to deliver the most accurate information from start to finish. We search for all applicable deductions in order to limit your tax liability. If we inadvertently make a mistake, we will reimburse you for any related penalties in full.

Audit Assistance – If for some reason the IRS decides to audit your return, which has been prepared by us, our staff will provide assistance in any way possible, including accompanying you to the audit when necessary.

Delivering the Best Tax Preparation Services for Your Needs, iQTAXX Has the Following Filing Options:

In-Office Filing – Visit our local income tax preparation Las Vegas office and have one of our certified preparers file your taxes.

Electronic Filing (eFile) – Submitting your income tax form directly to the IRS via electronic filing is simple and quick. Your refund is sent via check (3 to 4 weeks) or through direct deposit to your bank account (1 to 2 weeks), depending on the method you choose.

Online Tax Preparation

– If you prefer to prepare and file your own income tax returns, take advantage of our online tax preparation services.

Paper Returns – Complete your taxes the traditional way with a standard paper return that you mail directly to the IRS. This method results in the longest turnaround time for the receipt of your refund.